Innova day 2

March 7, 2013

I heard somewhere that it takes 100 hours to train you first machin and something like 80 to train your second. I guess that the time I've spent on other peoples machines had helped as this on is shaping up much quickker than that, though I do wonder who is training who. My tension still wasn't great but I have that sussed now, I needed to relearn how to adjust tensions. My principles were right but my technique sucked. Oddly these machines seem to actively like metalic thread, I wasn't just being mean.

I've truied to include the machine is some of the pictures so you can admire the blackness of it. I think it looks fantastic. The really observant will spot that the machine has a stitch regulator. No it wasn't something I wanted, but I did want the better motor that comes along with it. The speed with which the machine starts and stops is just amazing.

Innova day one

March 6, 2013

It's taken me a while to post these but this is my first play piece on my new machine. Don't look too closely, I hadn't got the tension figured out or the wheels set right yet, but I had to play. It's so much fun having a new toy and the ABM Innova family is amazingly welcoming.

Art quilts – impressionism

March 5, 2013

Sunday I spent the day in Worthing teachin impressionist art quilts. The class is based on my quilt 'In full bloom'. I supply a pattern to get people started and during the day teach them how to make their own patterns from photographs. As with all my art quilts there is no drawing skill required just the ability to not take yourself too seriously. It's a great venue and I hope everyone had fun, certainly there is a lot of very promising work going on.

Feline assisted longarm assembly

March 2, 2013

Yes it would be easier without the cat.


February 26, 2013

Is this grown up meccano or what. I am loving this.


February 22, 2013

I really hoped I was going to get back into the swing of regular blogging but it seems the universe has other ideas. I've not had much I could blog about until the last week, and then being ill took up most of my free time. The picture is from last Saturdays class for Rickmond and Kew quilters. It had to be postponed in the summer when I managed a concussion the day before, so there was no way I was missing it again. We were making faux trapunto roses and a lot of fun was had. This group came up with a lot of new variations to the class which was great and we came up with some interesting ideas for other ways to use the technique. One of which I think will become a new workshop. I just wish I had thought to take morew pictures. I'll get back into the swing of this if it kills me and with more bookings coming up hopefully it won't take too long

Mostly I’ve been boring

February 5, 2013

I know you aren't supposed to admit this but the truth is my life has been quite boring to the last few weeks. There has been paperwork accounts and tax returns. House work and planning but not much of interest to quilter, well not unless the cleanliness of my toilet is interesting, sparkling ;) I am now back clearing some customer work before getting onto my next show quilt. The picture is one of those. This was an intersting quilt for me to do as it needed a cheaper version of the quilting I put on the last one I did. I was lucky enought to quilt a show quilt last year for Jenny at Patchwork Corner and this is the same as that. I am pleased that it has the feel of the original and I hope the customer will agree.

Tonight I am giving a talk to Amwell Quilters. I just hope the snow stays at a minimum and they make it there. I aught to get back to driving, but I thought it would be good to show I hadn't forgotten you all.

Sneaky peak

January 20, 2013

Here is a section of todays quilting on the applique. As you can see it is taking a lot of thread changes to blend properly, but it's fun. I think I might get all the applique quilted by the end of tomorrow, but who knows.

Round 2 threads

January 19, 2013

I've finally got the applique onto my new quilt. It's taken 2 weeks solid work to doit and my hand doesn't love me. Now I have to quilt it and that means another large selection of threads. These are actually a lot more grey than they look and as they are all I have in the range I just hope they are enough. I already suspect the pale is too pale which makes things tricky. I guess I will do what I can and if I have to resort to cunning tricks so be it.

Cutting out

January 15, 2013

I've spent most of my time this week cutting out. If you haven't made this type of quilt it's hard to believe how long cutting can take or how triring it is. I hope this picture will give you an idea. I need to cut along the line that is highlighted. This piece has taken me well over an hour so far. I use small scissors and plod along. Yes it's hard on your hand. Sprung scissors help a lot. I did try using a craft knife or scapel but I found the didn't cut the fabric reliably and did make a mess of my cutting board. So back to scissors I went. Is it worth it? Yes I think it is. i am getting really excited by the quilt now aand I can't wait to get back to quilting it.