Blockdown Quilt – Part 34

January 3, 2022

Happy New year. First a confession, I haven’t managed to work on this quilt in the 2 weeks off. I have however manage to work on other quilts, so not a total loss. Today I plan to have another push on my new years day mystery quilt. Each year Merry Mayhem writes a mystery for new years day, and I love them. It is a great start to the year to be making a new quilt. One which is generally pretty quick and a lot of fun. A couple more days and I will have a new quilt top. The top will then have to wait a while, as I have a new machine coming and I think it will be one of the test tops for that. Don’t worry I have customer quilts to keep me busy quilting as well as some ideas for new show ones.

Hopefully you are now ready for some new blocks to play with. I have to admit I think my head may already be full of quilt ideas, but lets chuck in something else to think about anyway. I wanted something fun to start the year, so this very much shows my bias. This week we are making 6″ stars. All those stars you found that were too simple for the larger blocks, here is the chance to use them.

  • For the small quilt you will need 1 block and it will be position red 9
  • For the medium quilt you will need 2 blocks and they will be positions red 9, 18a
  • For the large quilt you will need 3 blocks and they will be positions red 9, 18a and 42

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