Blockdown Quilt – Part 39

February 7, 2022

I have had an interesting week, or I suppose a boring one depending on your perspective. For two of the days when both of us were supposed to be working at home we had no power. I will say the power network were great at keeping us updated on the problems and when we may get power back but it did mean we couldn’t work. On the other hand what better time for a bonus dog walk or chance to play a board game. I have also realised we could do with a few more torches and a simple way to heat water or food. I certainly appreciate having a lot of quilts around. Much as I hope this isn’t going to be a regular feature, I think for now I will make sure we are well prepared. I guess this means I need to get a hand cranked sewing machine out and ready to use, assuming I have reasonable lighting.

This week we are working on 9″ blocks and our theme is curves. Yes we have had this in other sizes and hopefully there are some spare ideas that will suit 9″. I have tried to make sure we have enough blocks of different flavours that they will all play nicely together.  Just one block with curves might stand out but a couple should blend nicely.

  • For the small quilt you will need 1 block and it will be position blue 9
  • For the medium quilt you will need 3 blocks and they will be positions blue 9, 25 and 28
  • For the large quilt you will need 3 blocks and they will be positions blue 9, 25, and 28

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