Blockdown Quilt – Part 19

August 30, 2021

I don’t know about where you are, but here it is feeling a lot like Autumn, hot drinks and sweatshirt season. Seems a bit early but who knows with the seasons now. I have made sure I have a selection of gloves ready and I welcome the onset of winter. This week i have learned more than I thought I wanted to know about pumping systems for sewage, but on the other hand I now understand it enough to fix it in the future should I have to. No it wasn’t the most fun. No it’s not fully resolved yet. No not what I wanted for a bank holiday weekend.

It did encourage me to work on one of my box projects and I have nearly made another block for one of them. I am hoping this afternoon to have a go at some blocks for this quilt. This week we are going to work on 12″ blocks and I think a very fun theme, animals. So many blocks seem to have been inspired by animals even before you think about ones that are actual pictures of them, and hopefully 12″ will give us a lot of options.

  • For the small quilt you will need 1 block and it will be position green 3
  • For the medium quilt you will need 2 blocks and they will be positions green 3 and 9
  • For the large quilt you will need 3 blocks and they will be positions green 3, 9 and 17

I will now go and change my clothes and wash the rest of the peanut butter off me, don’t ask.

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