Blockdown Quilt – Part 14

July 19, 2021

Oh my it is hot. Any errors in this post are due to the heat, yes that is a bit of a cop out, it is also fairly accurate. I can’t even say this is a good time to hide indoors and sew as the idea of turning the iron on is horrible. Maybe this is more of a planning time. Perhaps some late night sewing when it is cooler but still too hot to sleep. This week we are working on the smaller 6″ blocks, and a theme I think couple of people will appreciate, letters. I know some want to actually add letters or text to their quilts so here is the perfect week to do that. However don’t forget there are blocks named after letters too. I suppose this could be an opportunity for some hand sewing and maybe a stitched letter too, might be cooler that way.

  • For the small quilt you will need 1 block and it will be position red 4
  • For the medium quilt you will need 2 blocks and they will be positions red 4, 27
  • For the large quilt you will need 3 blocks and they will be positions red 4, 27 and 44

Try to keep cool and stay hydrated. I will now go and work in a cooler room.

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