Blockdown Quilt – Part 8

May 31, 2021

Another holiday Monday but here we are thinking about quilts. I suspect quilters can think about quilts at any time, including asleep. Today for me is a lovely day to be inside, it is very hot out there so sewing in the cool sounds good to me. I will also try to get more of my fabric sorted and folded today, I have new furniture coming for the fabric store room and I would like to be as prepared as I can before it arrives. Folding fabric also gives my plenty of time to think about designs for this weeks blocks, after all fabric folding isn’t really much of an intellectual exercise. This week the theme is people. I guess for those of you who want to this is where you might fit in you Sunbonnet Sue. I know several people have a whole list of blocks that will fit here, it seems a lot of interesting blocks include people in the title. I think this will be handy to get in some of the blocks I found earlier in the process but couldn’t fit in. So for our people themed blocks we need,

  • For the small quilt you will need 1 block and it will be position blue 1
  • For the medium quilt you will need 3 blocks and they will be positions blue 1, 13 and 24
  • For the large quilt you will need 3 blocks and they will be positions blue 1, 13 and 24


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