Blockdown quilt – Photos – part 2

June 9, 2021

Sorry for the long gap, I had a glitch renaming the images and just didn’t get back to it. It seems the no time issue Covid caused is still ongoing for me. Rather than having more time now I travel less I seem to have less time and a much longer to do list. I am also doing a lot more sewing, by longarm, by domestic and believe it or not by hand. I know that dodgy four letter word. I do want to share some photos of our progress though.


This is absolutely the classic 9 patch from Ginny. I love 9 patches and feel they are greatly underrated. Expect to see several in my quilt, I have plans.
The rest of the blocks I think take the 9 patch grid and play. They are all assembled as 9 patches still but the variety you can achieve is stunning. Above we have 2 for Janis’ quilt and below three for Rachel’s.




Finally (until I take photos of mine, bad Ferret) we have three from Sharon.


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