Blockdown Quilt – Photos – Part 1

May 9, 2021

Thank you folks, I now have a selection of block photographs from the first part of our new quilt. The first week was 12″ blocks with the theme puzzle. There were a lot of fantastic options, these are the ones I know have been made. I hope many more were done too I would hate the blocks to miss out. The winning block this week was Dutchmans puzzle. I feel that is a very fine choice as really two of my blocks were essentially that, although the different colouring has a different name.

First we have Ginny’s version of Dutchmans puzzle. I love how bright her block is, I think the quilts this year are going to be pretty vibrant. Ginny is making the smaller size quilt, so just needed one block this week.


Next we have Sharon’s take on the same block,


Sharon is making the largest size quilt, so needed three blocks. Her other two choices are Indiana Puzzzle and When a puzzle meets a quilt.

S-indiana S-puzzle-meets-quilt

Rachel is also making the largest size quilt and thus needed three blocks. She chose the Brides Puzzle as her first block, then realised there was no Grooms Puzzle, Batchelors yes, but not groom. So she has fixed that and filled a gap in quilt blocks.

R-brides R-grooms

Rachel’s third block is Jig Jog puzzle. This one is a good reason I try to make my blocks before our discussion group. If I hadn’t I would have made this one, and that would have lead to more angst over which other to discard. Much safer to make my choices early and get them done. Yup I am that easily distracted and no I really don’t need to make two quilts worth of blocks (yes that thought had crossed my mind).


Janis went for the chinese puzzle for her block. I really like this block and quite fancy a quilt made entirely of them. I think they will make some interesting designs as they link up


If you would like to send me pictures of the blocks you are working on I will be more than happy to add them here. I think it will be great seeing all the blocks and the range of colours. I am thinking these will be very uplifting quilts very vibrant and lively.

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