Blockdown Quilt – Part 1

April 12, 2021

Exciting day today, we start a new project. Having had a lot of fun with the Covid quilts last year I have designed a similar concept for this year. The big difference is this year we are only making one quilt. We can also pick the size at the beginning. Every week we will be working on a block or blocks with a theme. For those who are subscribed to me classes there will be is a layout and each week will say where the weeks blocks fit in that. There is no need to use my layout, you can just play along here and make your own layout with however many blocks you make. There will be 46 parts giving block details. For those in classes we will then have assembly sessions. I am hoping there will be a bit less work needed most weeks so those of us with day jobs will have a better chance of keeping up. I strongly suggest that you have a dedicated notebook for this quilt so each week you can add the block designs you want to make, then if you do have a busy week and can’t do the sewing you are still prepared when you do have time to play. There is still time to join the classes, we have a meeting (google meet) on Tuesday afternoons to discuss then design options and to resolve any other issues people may have. You will also get a copy of the layout (they will be sent tomorrow morning for those already enrolled). The price for the year is £50 if you are interested please  comment below or email me.

The quilt has three sizes, small 60″x 60″, medium 90″x 90″ and large 90″x 108″. Each week there will be a number of blocks for each size, along with the finished block size and location.  There will also be a theme to base the blocks on. Many I have chosen to fit in with traditional block names, but as with last year all technicalities count. If you feel your block fits then that is fine. Some weeks I will suggest a theme or your alternate. This will be for weeks when I know a technique may be tricky for some people. For example I will struggle with any that need hand work, so my alternate will probably be stars. I suggest you pick a type of block you love and use that if you find a week you cannot do. At the same time, do try to challenge yourself and have a go at new things, you never know you may find a new passion.

This week we will be making 12″ blocks on the theme puzzle.

  • For the small quilt you need 1 and it will be position green 1.
  • For the medium quilt you need 2 and they will be positions green 1 and 10.
  • For the large quilt you need 3 and they will be positions green 1,  10 and 16.

Any block that fits the idea puzzle will be ideal, maybe try searching online for blocks with the word puzzle in and see what you can find. Maybe you can work out a puzzling block of your own.

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