Monday Mystery Solo Robin

March 15, 2021

Another Monday another step closer to finishing these quilts (maybe). This is the penultimate step of this one but don’t worry, there is a new plan. I have been working on the project for the next year and I have to say I am getting very excited. It will be block based rather than borders and will start mid April. I am taking a week or 2 off in between projects. There will be an actual layout design next year,  and I will still have the design sessions. The design posts like this one will still be free, but if you wish to join the design classes on a Tuesday there will be a fee next year. The fee will also cover the layout for three sizes of quilt. There will be less sewing next year but just as might thinking and designing. I would recommend some way to organize your design and cutting notes, so if you come up with a plan but don’t get it made in the right week you will be all set to make it when you can.

I guess we should get on with this week, the design technique is


I had to go back and check, I have done a lot of circles on the quilts, but apparently that was my choice not the quilts. Now it HAS to be circles. I wonder if I can come up with another way to do them. How many of these circles do I need,

Add 6″ to one side of your quilt.

That is quite nice enough space to play but not too much. Hopefully a way to start babancing things out on my oddity.


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