Monday mystery solo robin

February 22, 2021

So, you may notice this isn’t Monday morning. Today started with the other half telling me his computer was dead and he needed to use mine for his calls, not what I had planned but fair enough. 10 minutes later he comes back to ask if there is a knack to turning my machine on…Now the proud owners of 2 dead computers. We are working on it but this was delayed and is now happening on the tablet. At least I have that option. Today’s design prompt is,


Ooooh, I have been looking forward to this and just been playing Irish themed special events in games, perfect timing. I just hope we don’t get another 2″, I know that is possible but I would like more space to play. Our border size is,


Add 6″ to one side of your quilt


That will do, being greedy I would have liked more but that is far from bad. So folks over to you, what can we do with this one, and in my case in shades of blue.

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