Monday Mystery Solo Robin

February 15, 2021

Having completed the massive spam clean up again. Seriously does spamming blogs really work? No vaccines cant be replace by plump fruit such as cherries and cranberries nor can a dog be replaced by maple syrup or honey. I admit those 2 did amuse me at least. The spammers also seem sure we all sign ourselves with three names every time. That is not only wrong but particularly funny when it is my blog :)

Having done that tidying up I think we should have some quilting. We are getting very close to a years worth now and I am busy with the plan for next year. Next year will be a slightly different format and you will start with some ideas how big your quilt will be and what shape it will be. I say some idea as I will leave it flexible enough for you to change your mind mid year. There will be access to the Tuesday sessions and some design sheets. If you are interested in signing up please do comment below, but don’t suggest I substitute honey for a dog :)

This week our design technique will be

Include squares

OK, now that really should be simple. So many quilt designs include squares. I guess if you wanted to be clever you could try to hide the squares, maybe some sort of block that looks curved but isn’t. Really this sounds like scope to do almost anything you want, but we will see what people come up with tomorrow. Our border size is,

Add 2″ to at least 2 sides of your quilt

Ahh, giving with one hand taking away with the other. That does make it a little more challenging but there are still some interesting options. Now I am very curious what people can come up with.  It just got a lot more interesting I think.



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