Monday Mystery Solo Robin

February 8, 2021

Slow start today. Other half stayed up to watch superbowl and I let Fenrir stay up late too as he was being very calm and good. He has come on a lot recently. We think a lot of it is age but we will take the results whatever. I hope by letting him have more of what he wants when he is good it will reinforce that behaviour. On the other hand we were very mean this morning, he got a very healthy breakfast no fun stuff. Having had a very party weekend he needed a grounded breakfast (it did have his favourite healthy food though). We have a lovely dusting of snow. Not enough to be really fun, just enough to be pretty. Mind you it is still falling and the flakes are getting bigger so maybe by afternoon exercise it will be settling a bit more.

Now time for our mystery quilt. Our technique deck is getting very small now, I can really see the end coming. Our technique this week will be,

On Point

Another very open technique. This might be the time for the blocks you haven’t managed to fit in on another week. I love blocks on point, but it can give scope for confusion and distortion so a nice one to practice. The borders this week will be,

Add 8″ to two opposite sides of your quilt

That’s decent. I was worried we might get 3″ which is possible but much more restrictive. Honestly I quite like working out how to do the really tricky ones but I think more options is really good for most people. So time to start thinking, what blocks would you set on point, or is there a more interesting interpretation of that?

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