Monday Mystery Solo Robin

February 1, 2021

As 2021 seems to be trying to keep up with 2020 we seem to still have lots of brain time to fill with quilting. While we are rapidly approaching a year of these posts I am working on the next years project. Nope I didn’t foresee this when I started I just knew we had time to make (or design) at least one quilt. I hope people are having fun and have found some new quilt ideas from this. I know I have seen far more design ideas than I ever would normally, even if I had been attending all the quilt shows. I didn’t expect I would get so much from this but I really have and I thank my regular participants for that.

This week the technique we need to work with is,

Pieced rectangles

Ahh, now this is an interesting one. We so often use squares and triangles as our units this will hopefully have us step out of the box a bit. There is a lot you can do with rectangles but I think we are often scared to try. Interestingly last week I ran across a couple of ways to make half rectangle triangles, maybe this is my moment to try them. Our border size this week is,

Increase the size of your quilt by 10″

Just to come clean, I cut the deck of sizes each week and we have the card revealed. This week I did that and got increase the size of your quilt by 12″. I am sure we had that very recently so tried again. I guess the deck is pretty determined as it gave me one so similar on my second try too. So we will work with that, sorry if it is a bit more than you really wanted.

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