Monday mystery solo robin

January 25, 2021

Yup this post is late, very late. Apparently when everything is booked to be done by 10am it really means 3.30pm. Who knew? Still we now have a sofa which will neither eat me nor dump me on the floor. We have a working kitchen sink, dishwasher still needs work and our food delivery made it to us. It could have been worse. Technically that is probably counted as a success. Now can we do something nice and simple like some quilting please?

This week our design technique is,


My brain is fried all I can think right now is Oh good I am working with plain fabrics. I guess that does indeed get me a step closer to Amish. I think this will be a lot of fun looking into which designs they have used and which are especially Amish. Do you suppose I can find any of my books on the subject before tomorrow? This week our border will be,

Add 8″ to two opposite sides of your quilt

Nice, not overwhelming but space to play. I am starting to think stripy triangles, that could work to use up some scraps which would be handy I think. I am not going to stay and blather, I really have a lot of work I needed to do today and now very little day to do it in. So have fun and I will see some of you tomorrow to discuss this weeks challenge.


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