Monday Mystery Solo Robin

January 18, 2021

Monday morning and for the first time in weeks I am actually feeling awake and ready for the week. Apparently cumulative stress makes my function progressively worse who would have guessed :) It is very nice to be on a more even keel and planning good things again. Yes that does mean the bothersome pandemic wasn’t the main cause of my issues, do I get points for novelty. I do know a lot of you are struggling with that though, and I hope these quilt ideas are still a diversion for you. Whether or not you actually make the quilt planning how to handle these challenges seems a much healthier preoccupation than many in the world right now. This week our technique is,

Repeated blocks

Wow talk about enough rope to hang ourselves. This one should be pretty easy for any quilter. This is what we do most of the time with traditional patchwork. However, it can be an issue for some of us. I know i tend to get bored of making one block repeatedly. For me there is definitely a sweet spot between too boring and takes to long so I lose interest. I think my best bet with this one will be simple but jazzed up maybe with size or colour so I am not quite repeating myself but can production line it. So what space do we have to work with,

Increase the size of your quilt by 12″

Oh boy. Yup the theme this week is absolutely to give us scope to mess ourselves up. I am going to have to be careful with this one not to make myself too much work. On the other hand I do rather like the idea I could have a simple block changing size a lot within 12″. I might not even need that many of the blocks to make something really effective. Hmm, yes this is sparking some interesting ideas, probably enough to get myself into trouble :)

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