The new year

January 19, 2021

This post was started last Tuesday, for various reasons it didn’t get published then. As it wasn’t time critical I decided it could go up now. Well not quite true I can now reveal what was taking all the time and energy I will add that at the bottom.


Yes I am late, why may become obvious soon. However I did want to share how much we enjoyed seeing in the new year. Going into 2020 we were in bed early ready to be up early to collect Fenrir. Going into 2021 we took him for a late walk in the village. We enjoyed everyone’s Christmas lights and the peace and quiet. Despite the new lockdown there has been a lot more traffic here, but new years eve was quiet.

We were home in time to see the clock change but were disappointed to not find anyone showing the London drone display live. So I waited up to catch the repeat of other news programs too see if any of them had it. They didn’t but the Metro newspaper online had a lot of it.

We had spent the day playing board games online with friends. Which was a lot of fun. We failed to get pizza for dinner which I had been really looking forward to. On the other hand it was great for the local pub who had been making them. He sold out of everything in under 2 hours. I hope that meant he made his profit AND got an early night. They had planned to do take away pizza for 5 hours but clearly I am not the only one who thinks they are great and the perfect celebration food. I can’t wait for the next event he makes them for. It is especially nice that they are made outside in a wood fired pizza oven and you can collect them from outside too. Maybe I could persuade him to make them for Valentines day?

Since then life has been crazy busy. I am sure there really have been over a week since then but it doesn’t feel like it. I have managed to get some work done but it has been crammed in around other stuff. Starting to think lockdown steals my time and dumps it on other people. I have heard so many saying they can’t fill the time they have yet I don’t seem to have enough hours in the day.

OK, back to now.

Well I say now, I was going to say I spent New Years day afternoon quilting. Each year there is a new year day mystery quilt, which I love doing. I love the lack of responsibility. I can usually get most of the quilt done on the day too. It is a very satisfying way to start the year. I did have to get a special dispensation to stay home though. Yup in a pandemic I needed to ask to stay home, weird huh. Well we were finally selling the house we used to live in. It had been under offer for months then on Midwinter our buyers got in touch and said they wanted to complete on the 7th of January. ( working days later. Um, eeep. We checked when we could get together people and vehicles to do the last bits of moving, and negotiated to complete on the 14th. As it turned out even that was tight as the lockdown on the 4th cost us most of our help and one of the vehicles. All dealable but rather than 2 or 3 days work it became a full time job going back and forth with our car. The trickiest part was getting my project car out of the garage there. It was tight when I put it in there, I had to get out of the window. It was much harder to get it out this time. Firstly it hadn’t moved in a long time, secondly the whole driveway had been turned into a sandy swamp by builders and finally everyone had moved their fences to the legal maximum. After the first day of struggle we bought a hand winch. Who says watching random youtube videos is a waste of time? It taught me a lot about moving difficult vehicles. We finally got it moved with a couple of days to spare. We got an appointment to take rubbish to the tip, and the sale went through smoothly. I hadn’t wanted to say and tempt fate. It feels great to finally be free of the house. No more worrying about squatters or other issues. The rebates on the utility bills are rather nice too. Now I feelĀ  I can get my schedule back on track and really settle into this new life.

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