Monday mystery solo robin

January 4, 2021

Here we are again, the first part of the new year and yet we are drawing close to the end of this quilt. Sadly the distraction is still very much needed so rest assured I have plans for when this one ends. I think we have something like 10 weeks left, I suspect someone will let me know how close I am with that guess. I just watch the deck shrinking as we work our way through it. This week our technique will be

Spiral / rotation

Ahh, honestly I was hoping for this one weeks ago. Just because of the potential it had for my design. I guess coming up later does mean i have more space to play with it though so maybe the cards know best. The borders we have to work with are,

Add 4″ to each side of your quilt.

Well dang that really would have been so cool way back in the quilt. Still it is what it is and now I need to work on a design that fits this. On a “normal” rectangular quilt this will be amazing. I think it is a lovely week to have a unifying ring of something. The options for flow and movement are so cool. I wonder what my discussion group will make of this one.

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