2020 Roundup

December 31, 2020

It seems mostly people are not looking back at 2020. I think I might be able to see why. However, there has still been a lot of good things this year and I feel there is merit in remembering those. Let’s face it we aren’t going to forget the bad bits for a very long time are we. Today Radio 4 had a phone in on what have you done this year you are proud of. It isn’t quite how I look at things, or would phrase it but I am very pleased I decided to do the Monday quilt. I still think it is valuable to have something to think about for the week that is creative and nothing to do with pandemics. I am so pleased I had a distanced quilt designed already.

This may sound a bit odd but I am glad I have managed to get some of my students back into classes, even though they are online. No I don’t mean I am pleased to have the income, its nice but the thing I feel is far more important is it gives a routine to the week, and a familiar routine at that. I can’t quite believe I have managed to get almost comfortable with a camera. I hate them but it is becoming normal. I absolutely love that teaching online lets me have students who could no longer travel to classes even without the pandemic. I am planning ways to keep remote classes as well as in person when that is an option. I hope that this may really open up all sorts of learning to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate.

In a similar vein I have really enjoyed virtual events this year. No a virtual concert is not the same as a live one, but, I can attend with my dog, I can attend with friends from all over the world, I can attend with people who cannot travel, and it was a lot cheaper too. Yes I want to got to live events again, I also really hope the virtual ones continue.

It has been wonderful to rediscover cooking. Some has been weird and wonderful. We have reduced our food waste a lot this year which has led to discovering new recipes. Some have become new staples. It also led to me baking for winter. As we couldn’t see people we shipped them food and drink. Which in turn has led to me discovering that I really like making sweets. I am making plans for future creations.

I have been disappointed by  how little time I seem to have. Shopping online for groceries seems to take a lot more time and energy than going to a supermarket did. Though I do really like having everything delivered. I know having a puppy has taken a lot of time, other than that I guess its just the junk in the news taking up brain space. Whatever I never seem to have any spare time. I hope that I can get things better organized as I get a more set routine again.

I have another stay at home project planned for next year, which will start March ish. I have a few show quilts I want to work next year, for when there are shows again. I am planning a virtual retreat/summer school, sorry I can’t see spending 8 hours in a room with 9 other households being a good idea this year.

For me this year hasn’t been too bad. Yes I have been at home. I like my home (I am so thankful we moved when we did). No I didn’t get my holiday this year, I stayed at home and did virtual Wacken, complete with BBQ and ciders we had never tried. I am very lucky the people I know who have had Covid have all recovered. That speaks highly of how careful a lot of my more vulnerable friends have been. I know I have had it far easier than many people, and believe me I appreciate that. I cannot imagine how hard it has been for those with large families and small spaces. I know a lot of people who have had to arrange or attend funerals this year. Never good, this year it has to have been worse.

I am hoping that people will see this issue is not going to be over next week and keep helping each other. I hope people will work with the situation we have now and find ways to do as many things that are important to them as possible, and not wish their life away waiting for “normal”. None of us know what that normal will be or when, we do know we have a life to live today.  I hope I can keep encouraging people to keep up with their hobbies and maybe start new ones. My main goal for 2021 though will be to survive it. It seems that is the biggest achievement any of us can manage any year.

Good luck and I wish you find some fun and happiness in 2021. I now need to try and see out 2020 playing board games online.

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