Monday Mystery Solo Robin

December 28, 2020

Sorry folks I came upstairs to blog and got distracted preparing for the New Years Day mystery quilt. Still better late than never I guess. If you are interested in the one day mystery it is here.

This week the technique will be,


Hmm, that’s got some interesting connotations as well as some more simple and obvious options. I am deeply tempted to attic windows depending on the size of border. Speaking of which the border will be,

Add 6″ to one side of your quilt

Fiddly but I guess it would be possible to make 2″ finished attic windows. It is tempting. Maybe not a whole length of the border but I do like the idea of a window in the quilt. I will be very interested to see what folks come up with tomorrow. The nice thing about the discussion sessions is we can all help ideas to evolve. It is always surprising what we come up with.

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