Monday Mystery Solo Robin

December 14, 2020

I am sure everyone is getting busy by ow, but I will still make sure you have something to think about this week. I have to be quick I have a canine serenade but let us find out what is in store for us this week. LOL, this card actually made me laugh. I swear they know. This week we shall be considering designs with,


Couldn’t be much more prefect for the season could it. I predict a lot of rather Christmas shaped trees. Or I suppose branches if we get a small border. Let’s have a look and see what the cards have for that.

Add 6″ to one side of your quilt.

I guess that makes it whole trees then. That was rather kind of the cards. and just one side so we don’t have too much to do. That’s a really nice balance and I am highly amused by the timing. Now I need to empty and exercise a not so little chap. Have fun.

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