Monday Mystery Solo Robin

December 7, 2020

Another manic weekend followed by an even more crazy Monday. Sorry folks this is the first time I have had to get to my computer, and even now I should be out with the dog. Still we need our inspiration so here we go. This week our border needs to have

Parallel lines

Lol well I can see a few sneaky ways to do that, but I guess the question is really what fun thing can we do with that. Our border size this week is,

Add a total of 12″ to two opposite sides of your quilt.

Weird that is so similar to last week. I guess that is the nature of random though. Hmm, that might me do some thing similar to my center block with that much space. Tempting. Hopefully soon I can talk about what has been keeping me so busy. For now I had better take the dog out before we lose the light totally.

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