Monday Mystery Solo Robin

November 30, 2020

After a hectic weekend my festive preparations are well in hand. I am very pleased it is Monday and I am back at work, I need the break. Lol, I say that when I still have the monster stitch in the ditch to work on, and I mean it. Still the weekend was fun as well has hard and I learned some new skills which is always good. I also got an evening of virtual board games in so pretty good really. I also managed to get some knitting done while watching the Grand Prix. following the crash (and yes I know fire in crashes is really rare now) can the medics have better fire suits and maybe an optional full face helmet in their car. I don’t feel we should be singeing the medics, and yes I understand the idea is they wait for fire crews but these guys care about their patients and will get as close as they can. We can fairly easily make that safer for them so why not.

Anyway, you didn’t come here for that you came he for a quilting task to think about. So let us grab the cards and discover our fate. This week our design idea is,

Buttons bows ribbons

Ooooh, I have been looking forward to this one, maybe its a week or two early it would have been a perfect one for the festive season. perhaps the cards feel we should be doing our wrapping now. There are several border patterns that look like folded or interlocked ribbons that I would like to do for this one. Oddly one of my favorite borders yet one I rarely use, nope no idea why. OK, how much of this do I have to play with,

Add a total of 10″ to two opposite sides of your quilt.

Hmm, not quite where I was thinking but could be fun. I could do a couple of different ribbon borders maybe a thick and a thin. Or that would be enough space to make some button quilt blocks for one side and maybe a narrow ribbon on the other. Or maybe I can join the buttons with ribbons. Yup lots of food for thought. Just what I want from this something to keep me out of trouble for a week.

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