Monday Mystery Solo Robin

November 16, 2020

Here we are again. It is Monday and we need our thought for the week. Well our design challenge I suppose, but for quilters one is much like the other. This week our technique/design prompt is,


Yup that’s it, the whole thing. 2.5″ has always been important in quilting but since the arrival of pre-cuts even more so. I know a lot of quilters also save their scraps in strips, usually including some 2.5″. I also use this size for my binding strips, maybe some leftover binding can go into this one. Our border size this week is,

Add 4″ to at least 2 adjacent sides of your quilt.

Hmm, well I guess anything dividing by 2 is pretty good for this one. I would have liked wider but hey these are supposed to challenge us to think so maybe I should be pleased it is trickier. I will need to do some serious thinking before the group tomorrow afternoon.

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