Another small milestone

November 12, 2020

Fenrir is sure he is now a professional dog. I am sure it is somewhat like a teenager getting a provisional driving license for their birthday and being sure they are now a professional driver. Both are on the right road, neither are there yet. However we have now installed a stairgate (with cat flap) so Fenrir can have a little more freedom downstairs. We do still have to keep a pretty close eye on him, empty cat food packets apparently have some kind of magnetic attraction to his mouth, he doesn’t take them out of the bin, on no never. So we have to rescue him from those if they attack. Mostly though he is getting the hang of things and is finally almost like owning a dog.

Being floors day today he had a chance to help me clean. He has decided the vacuum cleaner is OK but he needs to be behind it just in case, he saw it eat spilled dog biscuits once and has been careful since. He never leaves unattended food where the vacuum cleaner might get it. I like that he is not too scared of the vacuum cleaner and that he thinks behind me is a safe place to be. I was less thrilled when he offered to eat the dirt out of the cleaner to help, but I think we have resolved that. I am certain he enjoyed being with me a bit longer. I know I did. It is very slow progress but it is progress and I can see that he will work out to a nice civilised member of the family.

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