So why are weekends so hard

November 10, 2020

Well not all are, and usually I have a lot of fun things I plan for the weekend. Then it happens. I am pretty sure this happens to a lot of people, especially those who work for a living. Yet somehow the common view is weekends are restful. Before we even get to what happens to mine, there are a LOT of people who work weekends and see no difference between the days of the week, and I appreciate that they do it makes our lives a lot easier and safer. My weekends are where optimism and reality meet. I had planned to make rosemary salted caramel and finish my quilt. However, I had a mission on the back burner, when the weather allows clear the leaves in the garden. Yup you guessed it, the weather allowed.

I love where I live, and I am very very glad we moved before covid. However, we have LEAVES. Yup in capitals. This weekend we cleared (ish) the front garden. I thought last year ti was about 6 man hours. I was wrong, or there were more leaves this year. We spent all of Saturday clearing and then another couple of hours on Sunday. We still have the back garden to deal with too, that is a lot smaller at least. I am hoping the leaves will eventually break down and become compost. We didn’t want to burn them as even waiting for a break in the weather the leaves were very wet. Yes we could have piled them up to dry, but wind. Instead we went for the leaf sucker which chews them up to little pieces and hopefully breaks them down faster. While sucking up leaves I also managed to get bitten on my finger. What sort of insect bites a finger, its just not professional. My fingers is very angry with this lack of professionalism, or of course whatever got in my finger from the bite. I am just please it is my left hand and much less critical for quilting.

Couple this mission with a very early shopping delivery and a nice sensible work week looks fantastic. I have plenty of quilting to do (some urgent) I have classes and discussion groups, lunch is on a schedule all nice simple and planned. With that I really should stop playing here and get quilting.

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