Monday Mystery Solo Robin

November 9, 2020

Another Monday and another step in our quilts. I would love to say after a relaxing weekend back to work, but I am thinking thank goodness I am back to work weekends are too tiring :) I may be doing it wrong. Still that is a story for another day. Now we want to know what we are planning this week. This weeks technique is,

Nine patch

Now, I suspect most of you have a very specific block in mind, but do bear in mind this is also a family of blocks. Not that the specific block isn’t a lot of fun in its own right. Ooooh and lots of ways to fiddle with it. Oh dear I think I may have fallen down another rabbit hole. I suppose the border size my constrain said rabbit hole a little,

Add 6″ to one side of your quilt.

Yup that does probably blow one of the ideas I was having of a slightly fractal block, it is doable but that would be awfully fiddly. Which I admit wouldn’t always stop me but this will be a large border so I should probably be sensible. maybe some sort of on point chain, because 1″ square pieces are perfectly sensible.

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