Here we go again

November 5, 2020

Well we are locked down again. I can’t honestly say it makes much difference to me. My work schedule is the same as I now only work from home. It is Thursday so I am just waiting for my students to arrive in class. It was a bit busier this week as people got quilts to me and picked up supplies but really its business as usual. Some things are better this time around, other than I know what to expect and I feel a but better prepared, I love that Royal Mail will collect parcels from my house. It means I can ship things reasonably which will be great if people run out of supplies to quilt. It also means I can return completed quilts no matter what, and as some are needed for Christmas that is a very big deal.

As with the last round it looks as though supermarket slots will be tricky but I have one booked for midwinter and an a couple more this month so one way or another it will work out. It is harder when the supermarkets ration how much you can buy, which I understand but when I can get a slot for a month I need to buy a months worth not a weeks worth. As I say, one way or another I will make it work and none of the animals will go hungry as their food is on subscription and appears like magic.

I am really encouraged to hear more people are taking up crafts. I am hoping it may also encourage more people to have a go at the Monday quilt, if only as a design challenge. I am also getting excited about the next mystery project. As it seems Covid wants to hang about I have something planned for the 52 weeks after the mystery solo robin. Not bad for oh I will do this for a few months :) I guess 24 is a few on some scales. I am also giving more thought to some day classes, but between now and the end of the year I think I have too much quilting on. This is always a busy time and I think more so than usual as people have made more over the summer and now want to send them for Christmas. Which is a great idea in my opinion but will keep me very busy for now. In the new year I am thinking maybe a quilting day, a patchwork from clothes day and maybe if there is interest something art quilty. That may need to be over several days one way or another.

Anyway I have students now so this is all for now.

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