Monday Mystery Solo Robin

November 2, 2020

Monday seems to come around faster every week. I suppose this year that might be seen as a good thing, but I really could do with more time to get everything done. This morning we have already had the chimney sweep in ( apparently I have been rotoswept). Yes I am very glad to have got that done just before we get locked down again, although as a key worker (providing heating services) he will keep working anyway. I am just happier not to have people in the house. Today I need to play with the new Royal Mail collection service and see if I can work it out. I think it will be very useful if I can and it does what was suggested on the news.

For now though we need to continue with our mystery quilt I am very pleased I have just kept it running and I do encourage folks to at least think about the design challenge each week. I am sure it is one of the healthier ways to keep your brain busy. I am still running the Tuesday discussion group for the design of the week and yes it is still free. Comment if you would like to join the group and I will make sure you get an invitation to google meet.

This week our technique card says,

Bigger and smaller

Hmm, this one will be guided a lot for me by the border size. For me that feels like it will determine what axis I can play with. Better find out what borders we have got then,

Increase the size of your quilt by 8″

Well that’s nice and vague, thank you cards. I suppose it does open up some options though. Like having part of the 8″ on one side and part on another. Maybe the same border in two block sizes. Or perhaps 8″ in one place with a range of block sizes. Oh or maybe applique in different sizes. Does increase the size of your quilt mean one axis or 2? Yup absolutely vague but perfect brain food. This will be something to distract me all week I think.


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