Be prepared

October 20, 2020

An odd quick post tonight. I ran across an article that mentioned a covid patient going to hospital in a St Johns ambulance. I knew they helped the NHS when things got busy but I hadn’t realised how much. Their volunteers have been working alongside the NHS ambulances during the pandemic. Now they have a problem, they haven’t been doing all the things they usually do to raise funds. They are talking about needing to find ways to borrow money to help out with the second wave. That seems really unfair and I would like to help them. So how about we all take a look at our first aid kits and make sure they are properly stocked. St John’s ambulance have a web site and sell first aid kits and supplies at very reasonable prices. We can get ourselves better prepared and put some money into a group who are doing amazing work to help the NHS. If you don’t have a home first aid kit they can supply the whole thing.

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