Busy yet not very productive

October 8, 2020

Amazing how many hours you can spend flat out and yet achieve very little. That’s been today. Although Thorsday floors day did work and the banisters and wood work in the hall got washed, that is about it on tangible achievements. I have spoken to customers which is both work and fun. I probably shouldn’t admit that should I, but I am very lucky to have some interesting customers who I really like. Dog food was delivered on time. Followed by wood and now the cars windscreen is being replaced in preparation for it’s delayed MOT. I also had a shower so I am clean and fresh for my students. I know that in theory being online that doesn’t matter, but it does to me. I want to be clean and prepared for them even if they can’t appreciate my fruity smell. I think it claimed to be raspberries but I will give it fruity.

I have remembered, too late again, that I want to try to get a second monitor working on my computer. I am hoping I will be able to have a screen near my sewing machine as well as the one at my second sewing station. To be honest the computer was never supposed to be in here but as it turns out it is exactly where I need it for now. Hmm, I wonder. I might be able to set up a machine on this table, that might be easier at least temporarily.

No sooner said than done, well the space is made now to move the machine. Ta da, moved, a lull in class so I took advantage and got the machine moved. Of course that was the moment the class got busy, but still I am ready if they get quiet again.

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