Monday mystery solo robin

October 5, 2020

Sorry folk, overslept this morning so the dog walk had to come before the blog, but I am here now. Given I haven’t used an alarm clock in months I suppose I shouldn’t be too upset at oversleeping once. I am more bothered by how sloppy typing on a tablet has made me. Autocorrect does catch a lot of small typos. Admittedly it also adds some major ones but swapping back to a computer really shows it up. I am really at the computer because I have a morning of paperwork to do but it should make this a little easier too. Our technique for this week is,

Squares and Triangles

Well if that doesn’t cover nearly every quilt block I don’t know what does. OK I know there are a few that don’t instantly cover that, although a little tweak and they would but still that is a lot of options. Our border size will be,

Add 4″ to at least 2 adjacent sides of your quilt.

Hmm, that also gives quite a lot of scope, although some of the larger blocks won’t be good for this, except maybe in a deconstructed sense. Which does give me an idea actually. Would be crazy but might be interesting. A 16″ block seen with the rows side by side not on top of each other. I may need to draw that and see how it looks but it might be cool. Yes I am almost incapable of doing the obvious.

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