Mojo rediscovered

October 1, 2020

I am finally back in the zone. September mostly didn’t happen, especially if we look at my journal. I missed it entirely. Mostly I just couldn’t quite get my routine together I think. Some of it is probably Covid fatigue too. However having my classes back and more customer work has helped. I know I said it months ago but routine is really important and I need to remember that. I am getting back to doing some sort of crafting in the evenings. I am not optimistic my scarf will be done for winter but I will keep plugging away. I am pretty sure there is another winter scheduled for next year. I am a slow knitter, partly because I have to do short sessions but this is also a large scarf. It is almost a cape and knitted on 3mm needles so a lot of stitches in a round. I do really like the result I am getting. I think I am over half way and getting to 2/3rds.

I have also finally got around to planning the next Monday mystery quilt well my interpretation of the instructions. I think I mentioned that for my second I am going to be starting with a hexagon. I had thought that I would be adding borders kinda log cabin style but the very first border I needed to add was 8″. To do that the center would need to be huge. As I didn’t fancy a huge center I had to change my plan. So now I am going to work in wedges which should allow for all the odd border sizes really well. I think the quilt will be in six parts pretty much to the end, and that end may be the end of the year of instructions if I am lucky.  This is the sketch layout so far. I think this goes to about 3 weeks ago and will be about 43″ across the flat sides so lots of room for more borders.


I knew I had a fat quarter bundle of Kona blues and greys which I fancied for this quilt. I also knew one bundle wasn’t going to be enough and with Covid I am struggling to get more fabric from the wholesalers so this had been a worry. However when I went and had a look I found I have three identical bundles of 22 fat quarters each. That is about 16 yards, that should make a decent size quilt I hope. As with the first one I will make it until I run out then call it done. Given that 30 fat quarters make a king size quilt with borders I think I should be OK. Even if not it is what I have so I will just do what I can. I am not quite excited about this quilt but I am not allowed to start it until I finish the first Monday quilt. So yes this is motivating me to get on with that as well.

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