Having fun with what we have

September 24, 2020

Well I am sort of happier, the government has agreed with my assessment that this a long term situation. Why does that make me happier? Well it is reassuring that I was reading the data correctly and it is a more certain future. That probably sounds odd but we are now told what we have now is what we do for the next 6 months. So I am now planning that any visitors I have can be comfortable outside. So I am planning a set of outdoor quilts. I think they need to be smaller than most of my usual ones to be easier to manage in a chair. They have to be very washable as they will be washed and dried after each use. I also want to make them as warm as I can. Oh, I want them to be quick too. These aren’t heirlooms these are to be used to death things. So, my plan is something like fleece or minky as a backing then wool or poly filling. For the tops I think I will probably use turning 20 again. It is a pattern I love and it is quick and easy, and I think it would be a way to make them a set as well. My thinking is to pull enough fat quarters for all the blocks I need for all the quilts. Cut them all out and mix the whole lot. The idea will be to get every fabric into each quilt although in different proportions. I think that should give the feel of a set, and let me use up random fabrics which should be pretty fun.


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