Monday mystery solo robin

September 21, 2020

It seems Monday morning has arrived again, and quite a misty one too. The seasons seem to be changing here. Generally this is a great thing in my view, this year I am a little more cautious. I am very pleased with cooler weather, but I  know this will make outdoor socialising trickier and no I am not keen to have people in my house. So I am looking at firepits and temporary shelters to keep the rain off. I have some sheltered corners I think will be OK we just need to plan ahead. I am also concerned quite how much more cover will spread as people want to be inside with doors and windows closed.  I understand the desire but at the same time it seems a way to accelerate spread. I am hoping a lot of hospitality will be making similar plans to me and make cozy outdoor spaces. In Prague that is very common and quite wonderful, maybe  we will achieve the same here.

I suppose we had better get on and think about this weeks quilt installment. I am loving how these ideas trigger plans for people. Design ideas that had never been on their radar suddenly become the next project. That is something that really encourages me. I want people to have exciting new projects, and have that buzz on creation. This weeks challenge is

Half square triangles

Ah now to me these are exciting. They are so versatile and so underestimated. I have a similar feeling about checkerboard too. I think people largely ignore these very simple building blocks but you really can do so much with them. Of course that does somewhat depend how much space we have. Border size this week is,

Add 4″ to at least 2 adjacent sides of your quilt. 

Nice a quite open border choice, that gives me some ideas. I am planning this quilt to work from a central hexagon, and last weeks option we thought would be good for turning the hexagon into a square. This border says yes that is the right choice as this would be such a good transition to having a square piece. Funny how things come together even with a random prompt each week.

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