Surprising uses of daylight lighting

September 20, 2020

I have LED daylight panels in my sewing room. They were cheap and I like good light when I am working. For sewing and teaching I am very happy with them. Tonight I wanted to order my quilt jigsaws and discovered my best image of one wasn’t good enough. Having the daylight lights meant we could get the quilt out and take new photographs. It may sound a small thing, but in our previous house I have had to do some really bizarre things to photograph quilts for shows. Including laying them on my car bonnet on a sunny day. To be able to take a picture when we wanted, indoors and with good lighting was fantastic.

This weekend has mostly been dedicated to harvest. A small mountain of leeks were pulled and prepared. I think I now have a winters supply of leeks for soup. As the onions for the soup were already in the freezer along with some cream this feels like real progress. We do like our leek and potato soup in the winter and we are now set. I also grabbed more apples and made apple cake one again, Tet claims to have forgotten it so needed to try it again to try and pick our favourite. I will be trying number 2 again next week I think purely for comparison. We have to know which is the best recipe. I harvested more cucumbers beetroot and swede. I think tomorrow we have pies, probably with swede and cauliflower. Maybe with some beetroot too. I have another melon progressing well in the green house too.

Next week I have plans for more quilt binding (a never ending task I swear) and  a quick quilt before loading another complex one. I have my posting gear now so should be able to streamline my methods for getting customer quilts back. Buying postage online and dropping them off when they aren’t being sent by courier. I am watching what new restrictions we get and trying to guess how that will effect shipping, but it is mostly guesswork. I hate guessing with customers.

For now I think it is bed time, night folks, lets hope for an uneventful and successful week. I know, I know, I am lousy at optimism, but hey at least I keep practicing.

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