Monday mystery solo robin

September 14, 2020

Mondays appear faster and faster. Still we have something to look forward to. I nearly have a dog who can sit and be sociable while I write these now. It has taken six months, which actually isn’t bad. My little chap is now 10 months old, and I suspect will have a quiet first birthday when we get there. In our household he misses going out more than the rest of us. If he realised that is also why he has lunch with both of us each day he would beĀ  more keen, although being young he would probably want both the outings and his people at home. This week I restart regular classes, online not in person. I wasn’t sure i had made the right decision, but with the government tightening restrictions I am now certain. For now this is how we have to be. It will be different but we will cope. The sessions we have done of Tuesdays have really helped me a lot. I am confident we can get back the feel of our classes. I am looking forward to seeing what people are working on.

Out technique for this week is,

Include triangles

I have been looking forward to this one, there are just so many possibilities. Now we need to know how much space we have to play in,

Add 6″ to at least 3 sides of your quilt.

Wow, that’s a fantastic playground. I think I might actually try several techniques in that much space. I love that this one can work with very simple things or get really complex. Half square triangles count, but then so do some mariners compasses. Yup I am really excited and will happily spend a lot of time this week planning things with triangles.

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