Best laid plans.

September 13, 2020


I really thought that i would finish the quilt on the frame today. I started early and it was going well. Then life and deliveries happened. Just after lunch I decided to admit defeat and not try rushing. Instead I did some work on the dining and games room. The first step was to sort and tidy my thread stocks. I then made a drawer insert to keep them sorted. I didn’t realise that the earlier numbers of masterpiece thread give you a lovely gradation. I currently have the perfect amount of stock, it all fits neatly. I am sure that won’t last once things settle and I will probably need to make another insert but for now this makes my life a bit simpler.


I also made a start on the bookshelves in the dinning room. The arrived Monday but this was the first chance to build them.


I have spent the day on the dinning room. It’s not perfect, and it still has boxes in. It is now usable though and no longer annoys me when I sit in the living room. Without the small technical issue, we could have eight friends over for dinner or games, or I suppose both. Who knows when that will actually be possible, but I am now readyish, should it become possible. I say ish because the chairs don’t match and I am tempted to make a set of chair covers. Not only will it mean I can appear to have 10 matched chairs when I want to, it will also give me a chance to learn how to make them efficiently for when I start teaching in person again. I am sure the cleaning rules will be in place quite some time and the easiest way to clean chairs in rented spaces is covers. I am wondering what I could do with quilting for the home set, sorry but the class ones are likely to be simple so they are easy to launder. I should add not only do I have two sets of chairs that don’t match, I also have a boat shaped conference table as my dining table, it could do with refinishing, but I like it and it keeps your plate off the floor so works just fine for a dining table. It does seem to have shrunk in transit, it filled the room it used to be in, now I have space around it.

For storage I am using IKEA Billy bookcases. Apparently there are more than 60 million Billy bookcases in the world, the BBC says approximate per 100 people. We have far more than our fair share, and will have more at some point. This time I have gone for half height doors and we have the top lights too. I wanted a small tes of the lights before we decide what to use in the library. Yes we have so many books we feel we can call them a library, we still love our dead tree knowledge store. Today I got the first run of storage finished and filled with our board games and jigsaws. I am pretty sure we have more that I haven’t found yet but for now this is a great start.


The boards on the top are stopping cats falling down the gaps by the corner unit. I just know they would without the covering. That won’t be the final solution. When we have time we will make a shaped board to put up there instead. One of the things I found was my jigsaw of my quilt Prometheus. I have been meaning to get more made, would anyone be interested in buying a quilt jigsaw if I did? If so which of my quilts would you like to have as a jigsaw?

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