Monday mystery solo robin

September 7, 2020

A new week again and I am trying something new, blogging with canine assistance. I normally make sure he is away so I can concentrate, but he has made a lot of progress and might be able to sit with me while I work. This is about the same as expecting that of a 6 yr old teenager ( yup odd idea butbthat kinda how dogs work). So let’s see how he does. Can he make it to the end of a fairly short blog post. So far he is clearly loving being a professional dog, I am sure that won’t last. I finally got us some more technique cards written. With the expended scope when I finally publish the decks of cards I will rename them something like design start points, but for consistency I will stick to calling them technique here. Like I said these have evolved and suffered some mission creep, so you sort of have to expect some blips.


The key point is we now have another 20 cards. Some of the ones we haven’t used from the original set are similar to ones we have had but I think we should now make the end of the year with no repetition. Without further ado, today’s technique is,

Storm at sea

Oooh fun, this has been used for one of the old idea reimagined books, and is what prompted me to have it here.  It is an interesting, I would say block group and having grown up by the sea has always put me in mind of the real storm at sea. Ah, that’s the length of professional dog for today. A cat is far too exciting to ignore. Now we need to know how much space we have to play with. Today’s border size is,

Add 6″ to at least two adjacent sides of your quilt.

The cards seem to be on a roll with this adjacent thing atm. Which is fine, and 6″ should give some nice space to play. I am thinking diamonds in rectangles and some waves for this one, maybe a diamond in a diamond in a rectangle. Ooh or try to make the diamonds in rectangles look like waves, that should work and could be fun.

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