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September 7, 2020

Wednesday was one of those bitty days. You know the ones where the doorbell rings, you go back to what you were doing and the phone rings, rinse and repeat. It’s not productive but some of the calls were great. It’s good to be getting back in touch with students. Some of them I have taught for years and they are rather like extended family. I didn’t get much quilting done but I did manage some paperwork.

Thursday was a bit more to plan. It was of course floors day, but I think I might be getting quicker at that, then on to quilting. I am still working on the one with lots of ruler work, but it is going well and I am really pretty happy with it. Despite losing some time to housework, it is likely to be finished sooner than I expected.

Friday had to be a domestic kinda day. We were out of bread and this seemed to be the last drying day for a while, so laundry had to happen. As I was going to need the oven I tried out apple cake 3. One of the nice things about making bread is it does a lot while you ignore it. By lunchtime we had bread and apple cake and clean clothes and a chicken casserole in the slow cooker.  That last was the important bit, because by lunch time I was all cooked out. So an after noon of sit down sewing preparing bindings finishing curtains and dog training.

20200904_122842 20200904_131742 20200904_112857 image-20200904_165434

The Apple cake, much like the first two is more apple than cake. Its possibly the least sweet of the three and has a lovely lemon hint to it. The loaf was also an experiment. I managed to get some differnt flours, and thisnis one of them. Itis the best loaf i have made so far. Itis moist and soft and nicely malty. I am hoping i can get more of the flour as I  see me making this quite a lot.

It all gave me time to think about the Monday quilt. I have said before I never expected this system to run so long, but I am pretty happy with how it is doing, even though we may get a few duplicated towards the end. However, I think I will end it after 52 weeks. I have a plan for what comes next though. Something similar yet differnt, and that will make one large quilt over the following year. Oddly enough having time to actually plan something like this makes for a more ordered solution. No I don’t in any way regret starting the Monday mystery solo robin. I am very pleased with it and thrilled that it has done exactly what I hoped  for people. It has shown me that a design problem to think about is indeed helpful, even if people aren’t making it. So the next project will keep that element, but with a twist. That’s all the teasing for now, there will probably be more as we come closer to starting it.

ooops  just seen I failed to publish this, oh well better late than never I guess.

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