Bank holiday? Who knew?

September 1, 2020

I would love to claim Covid is to blame for me forgetting yesterday was a bank holiday, but I can manage to do that quite well without help. It is a bit more annoying when I has reminded the other half a couple of days before. However he then got to tell me which I am sure he enjoyed. Having worked out I wasn’t obliged to work I considered other things I could should be doing. The dining room curtains seemed to be a good starting point. Sadly the curtain we were gifted is just one about the size to cover a door. So no use at all for a 3m wide window. However I had seen a piece of fabric I thought might work when I had been clearing the room. It was almost 6m and the width I needed for the drop. So curtain making became the project for the day and I got both panels made. Unfortunately I didn’t have the right header tape so that is on order and I will attach it to the curtain panels next weekend. I am very pleased to have had the curtain fabric and the lining on hand. Of course it also means I don’t need to find a place to put away the fabric either. It is a medium weight patterned black velvet. It is a bit lighter than I would have picked for curtains, but I like very heavy curtains. For any normal person it is absolutely fine especially lined.

This morning has also been productive, I have harvested the first of my leeks and grabbed the last of my onions. they became leek and potato soup for lunch, and we have a large jar left for later in the week. I find it absurdly satisfying when I can clean up lots of odds and ends of food. The onions weren’t enough for a full batch, but neither was the cream, and I had the crust of the bread to dip in it. Very tasty and all tidy. Next will be our discussion class then paperwork and this evening early dinner (also leftovers :) and games night. Oh, and I got some quilting done while the soup was cooking this morning. So all in all pretty productive for a day with a lot of not work in.

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