Monday mystery solo robin

August 31, 2020

Monday has come early, the dog has complained, but I think I might be able to hang out my laundry which would be great. I can’t say I am up and excited for the week, but I am probably ready at least. I think it feels a bit warmer today, although with working heating that is less of an issue. Knowing I will not get cold hands while I quilt is a huge bonus. Cold fingers ansnruler work is a terrible combination.

I suppose we need a technique for the week, still wondering if I should call them design started or something similar as they really aren’t techniques. This year will give me a lot of time to consider the correct name before I start getting decks printed. I am also going to expand this part of the deck. It was designed to make a quilt, now we are using it for a whole year it needs to have some more cards. It does mean I can add this as a suggestion on how to use them though so that is a nice side win. Today’s card is,

Add another dimension

Now that’s an interesting one. It might play well with last week’s or we could go entirely different directions. I think that is very interesting timing. Of course the size or location may change how good I think this is. So our border size is,

Add 4″ to at least two adjacent sides of your quilt

I would have liked wider, I usually would but this will work. I have a few ideas already, I love how open this is and how many differnt approaches I can see. I think for me it won’t tie into last week’s,  but you never know. Don’t forget we do have a class tomorrow to discuss ideas for this part of the design. If you would like to join us please comment below and I will send you a link. The class is free.

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