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August 30, 2020

Until next weekend at least. I will still be cleaning and sorting next weekend, but I think I have broken the back of it. My stock and class supplies are now all tidy and accessible. They are taking up more of my dining room than is ideal, but it is what I have to work with, so I will cope. It has come out looking quite shop like, sorry to disappoint but no it isn’t a shop you can visit. I do offer video sales, and actually did a virtual shopping session today. We have found that a video call for shopping works much better than just havbijng a web site. I can take fabrics into the daylight. I can put several fabrics and threads together in the same place so you have a better idea how they will work together. It’s not perfect but while I can’t run in person classes it is better than anything else I think. It can also mean a chat and advice session too, just like real bricks and mortar shops. The most important things for me when I was sorting this area was tonnage everything accessible but very densly packed. I have to be able to get to things for customers but I want as much dining room as I can get. To active that I have been through nearly every box of patterns fabrics and samples and worked out how they can be grouped to save as much space as possible. It also let me see everything I have and get rid of any junk. Doing talks and workshops tends to get things muddled and an amazing amount of rubbish gets into my boxes. That is because I try to be compact when I travel, but still show people the range of items appropriate to the event. I would love to say everything is now perfectly organised and all the mixed boxes cleared, but they aren’t. It is considerably better, and I was out of energy after another six hours of cleaning. This is about a third of the room, more or less finished.

20200830_175748 image-20200830_130507 20200830_175745

I am thinking about a free standing screen to hide it when we are using the room, I don’t really want my work quite this in my face. The rest of the room is now mostly free of stuff that should live elsewhere. It is mostly still in boxes and will be until I get the storage. I need to measure the window and the curtains we have been given. I am hoping they might fit and if they do then I will look at dying them. They are currently pink, but that can be resolved if they will work. If not I did find a couple of fabrics today that might be nice and I think there was probably enough. I suppose if I get really stuck I will buy some. I would be much happier not to. I HATE buying curtains. It is even worse than buying shoes. Lol, yes I am a failed female, I don’t like buying shoes.

Now I need a nice long bath so I am ready to take on the next working week. Tomorrow we have the next step fp r the Monday quilt. I then want to get more quilting done. I also need to finished clearing boxes from the hallway. I am hoping someone local might like some moving boxes, as our council still hasn’t collectected the recycling from the week before last. I don’t have space for recycling right now and these boxes are pretty good. Once I do that I can get to my desk and catch up on my journal. I feel I have made good progress, but boy I am tired now.

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