Weekend project progress

August 29, 2020

I hope other people after moving have that space where the erm stuff was put. The things that either don’t have an obvious home, or for some reason can’t go straight to the right place, or to be honest arrived badly labelled or after you have run out of decision making ability. For me that place was the dinning room. It was a room we weren’t in urgent need of and near the front door. However, a year on I want to be able to set up our dinning table. Not to eat at but to play board games on. I also don’t like being able to see the mess from the sitting room. So yesterday I ordered the furniture for the room. I have two weekends to get the room ready.


20200829_101117 20200829_101113

This is what the room looked like this morning. There is actually a gangway between the shelves of fabric and the boxes. This is my stock and class supplies. The rest of the room is pretty much chaos. I had tried to sort it as it arrived, but of course things got mixed up and a large item arrives before you finish stacking all of a group of items and poof, mess. The good news is that that kind of chaos does actually pack a lot better as soon as you have time to start sorting it. I was also hopingbthere would be some stuff I could just dump. The packing team just packed eveything, so there was a chance some of the content could just go. I knew there was a lot of fabric in here, my guitars, some quilts (yes I do have some rooms without quilts) and a lot of games. The games are staying, they will live on the book cases, along with the jigsaw. The guitars will also live in here. Most of the rest needs to leave. For now the fabric and my other stock will be staying. We think there is room for that and the table, so long as I can get it all tidy in the small area. I think that will be possible, though maybe not easy.

I spent all day working on the room. Mostly sorting stuff into piles based on where it should be. Having a good size hallway really helped as I could use it as a place to sort things. We worked out early on that having the whole pile for each location would help with putting it away later so for a lot of the day moving about theĀ  house has been tricky. However those piles are now mostly gone and this is where I am at.

20200829_182809 20200829_182816 20200829_182812

In some ways I think it looks more messy, but it also looks a lot less full. I was worried that I would struggle to sort this out in two weekends but now I am feeling pretty confident. It hasn’t been the most fun, but it has been rewarding and I feel I have done my days quota of exercise. I am very much looking forward to a long soak in a hot bath tomorrow night, and boy I will need it. Even moving clean things gets you amazingly dirty. I don’t think I will finish tomorrow, but I hope I can get pretty close. It will be nice to hit next weekend with no pressure. It will also be nice to have all my stock properly sorted and the bags to hand. I knew I had more bags in here but I only found them today. I enjoy having a cutting and packing station with my stock, and I think I may be about to get that back. Fingers crossed, it will be a tight fit. I am also hoping tonight I might sleep well. I feel I have earned it.

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