Monday Mystery Solo Robin

July 27, 2020

Morning folks, I have come to the conclusion my dog knows both weekends and Mondays. The last two days he has been up and ready to go when I come down, today he struggled. He didn’t want to move. He had to rub his eyes and stretch and grumble. Now the obvious answer is I come down earlier on a Monday, but I don’t I am down within the same 15 min window every day. That would suggest the Monday morning effect is more of a universal effect than we ever knew. Clever given Monday morning is a human invention. I have let Fenrir get back to bed for a nap before his walk and now I can find out what our doom is for this week. Personally I am starting to get excited again I am so glad I decided to just move on with the bits of the last quilt I was happier with. It is odd how even fairly small upsets can really throw crafting off. I know it hasn’t just been me, and in fact many quilters have struggled to create anything during the pandemic. I hope they will start to create again, this doesn’t look like being a short blip so we deserately need our craft to help restore our equilibrium. It is so sad that at the time we most need these outlets it is harder to do them. I am wondering if I should find a few small projects and do some sew alongs to help people get going again.

Gah enough rambling, on to the quilt. Our technique this week is

Flowers or leaves

That’s a nice wide technque. Lol I am looking out of the window half wondering how i could collect those leaves and sew them on, no I don’t think that would actually work. Doesn’t stop me being tempted. Now how much space has we got for this,

Add 6″ to two opposite sides of your quilt.

That is a nice size for this, and not too much. I was sort of hoping for all the way around and seeing a vine or wreath but this has a lot of potentential too. Flowers are not really my thing but you never know I might branch out as it is only a small section. I do really want to do some narrow stems, and yes I really know how annoying those can be to do, but they look so amazing and I don’t think I have ever done one on a quilt. I have done several samples of them though. Of course if I do that I will want to do it by hand and that will be an issue. My hands are not getting any better, but narrow stems look so much better done that way. I guess I have decisions to make. I think I am going to start drafting my next quilt. Then I will feel I am keeping up and I would be able to make parts out of order. So for example if I want to do this part by hand I can have it on the go while I work on other parts of the quilt.

Tomorrow we will have out regulare discussion/planning session. 2.30pm BST. Anyone is welcome, and as we are online your location really isn’t an issue. Leave me a comment and I will be able to send you the link to our Google Meet session.

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