We have progress

July 26, 2020

I didn’t get any pictures yet but I nearly have the scrappy and curved borders together. If I have done my maths correctly the quilt will finish 90″×80″. A very nice size. Big enough for my bed (just) and still small enough to fit on backings and waddings. The scrappy border will be very bright, but hopefully against all the black it won’t seem too loud. Worst comes to the worst I can add a lot of black applique. I am starting to feel excited about this quilt again which is really encouraging.

I have also made more progress innthe kitchen. Three lasanges were made today, so that’s two more easy meals in the freezer. I also shipped half my onions and bagged them in soup size portions. I think we will have enough for all our winter soup requirements. Still need the leeks, which are looking good, then it will be potatoes. I have no idea how my potatoes are doing fingers crossed they will be good and last us a fair while, I will just have to be patient. Tomorrow I am hoping to get some quilting done and finished chopping the onions. I would like to get some beetroot soup going too, which will also be frozen. It seemed the easiest way for us to store the beetroot especially as that’s how Tet likes to eat beetroot. I am hoping I can make it with half the water, so it will be smaller in the freezer. We have bought concentrated beetroot soup in jars so I can’t see why it shouldn’t work. I would like to think I will also get some more done on the border and pick apples and blackcurrents but realistically I think that’s unlikely. Right now I need a hot bath and an early night.

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