Some progress

July 22, 2020

Well I am starting to recover from weeding the driveway. So I can do a bit more with my hands. Tet has a set of 3 black masks that actually look presentable and fit reasonably well. The ice cream library has been expanded.


…..and that was as far as I got Tuesday before life interrupted. The class was more exciting than usual, my browser crashed quite spectacularly. We discovered that the call stay up just fine without me and that the guest lecturer could pick up and run with it. It was handy that one of the group has done a lot of EPP and could just take over for me. I couldn’t get the computer back up properly so I finished the class on my tablet, which worked just not the quality we are used to. So glad I had put Google meet on it for testing.

After class I needed to get the computer sorted for the games night and get a chicken cooked for dinner. It took some fiddling and we thought it was all working fine. It turned out we were wrong, and I had no audio or video for the games, but at least the games themselves worked.

I tend to have my months gin Tuesday night’s, it’s a way to have a drink with friends. This month’s was very good and something I wouldn’t usually try a Brazilian gin in a tropical cocktail. I think next week I have a fruity mixer for it, which will also be something very differnt for me. I really like the way the gin club gets me to try new things.

Today the masks got used in anger, which was really great. It’s satisfying to have your work used. I also got back to my apple problem. I have decided I will work through the apple cakes in my Nordic baking book. The first one uses a LOT of apples. That is perfect as I am trying to use them up. It was a very differnt process and I was worried that it might be bland or a bit dry, but I also know Nordic apple cakes are wonderful so I took a chance. The result is nothing like I expected and absolutely wonderful. I will stick to the plan though and the next will be the next recipe in the book, I will not just stick with the first.

I have also been directed to apple cookies and apple breakfast bars, so those will be tested too. When you have apples you have too cook with them.

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