Monday mystery solo robin

July 20, 2020

It is that time of the week again, time to learn our new doom :) Hoping I can get this out before my delivery arrives, but if it is late, that will have been why. This has proved to be a good marker for the start of the week for me. It was never intended to do that but it is quite useful. This week our technique is,

English paper piecing

I have to admit that really doesn’t thrill me. My hands are still very painful from the hoe. Fortunately I am a bit behind, so by the time this comes up for me I may be able to do a little hand sewing. If not I will do it by machine, yes that is possible. I think there are some videos online about it. Either way this one will be something a bit different for me. Maybe this is the time for me to have a go at the border I saw in the American museum in Bath. A pieced feather with a piano key background. Hmm, OK I admit it, I am sort of excited even though it’s likely to be bad for my hands.

Today the border size is,

Increase the size of your quilt by 8″

Hmm, well that will give a bit of room to play, yes this could be fun. I will be very interested to see what and EPP fan comes up with for this one. EPP is very very versatile and I think there will be some quite interesting design options. As is now usual, there will be a discussion session 2.30BST tomorrow. We do have room for more participants, just ask in the comments. We use google meet which seems to work reasonably on many platforms. I won’t say all, that just tempts people to find the exception to the rule.

2 comments on “Monday mystery solo robin”

  1. Janis Brennan says:

    Count me in for tomorrow please. Really enjoy these sessions even though I can’t contribute that much

    1. ferret says:

      Will do. The more the merrier, we need as many ideas as we can get :)

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