I nearly forgot to blog

July 17, 2020

Unless white goods excite you, today has probably been dull. Today was mostly taken up with a new freezer. Yup really. How does that take whole day?  The two hour delivery took a good chunk of the morning, especially as it drifted a bit. Though watching and waiting did mean I was ready for the the FedEx delivery of quilt tops, that was pretty cool. The delivery people did bring it into the house, which helped. They didn’t unpack it, which was sort of good as they weren’t masked gloved or versed in distancing. Unpacking a full size upright freezer is non trivial. Especially getting the freezer off it’s packing base. Then comes switching the door over, also non trivial with torx screws. Fortunately I have a decent toolkit and have run into that issue before. Then getting it back into position and getting the other storage back around it was more effort and more time. That must have been about 4.30, following a nominally morning delivery. Then an hour waiting for it to settle before turning it on. Tomorrow I can start filling it. Including harvesting more of our fruit and vegetables and some ice creams. Yup tomorrow will be harvesting and processing and cooking.

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