Finally, I emptied the box

July 14, 2020

So my quick to finish be done in a day, is done. Only took a week. I actually finished it Sunday but then got busy with the house again. Still it gives me something good to share now so not all bad.


I hate to think how long this has been in progress. Probably less than a decade, though I won’t place bets on that. It is a neat pattern I found online somewhere that is sewn cut then resewn, like a vanishing nine patch. I didn’t find it the most accurate and the edges of the blocks are all bias but now it has its border it has stabilized a lot. Not sure how well the colours will show on monitors. The outer border is a very dark blue in keeping with the theme through out the quilt. All the fabrics are Fossil Ferns, one of my favorite fabrics, but very hard to get, hence the issues with the border. It is 95″square, more or less. So it will fit a standard backing wadding and my frame. I must be slipping :)

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